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LOCATION -- CENTER POINTZoar Farms is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, a 25-county region of Central and South Texas featuring tall rugged hills consisting of thin layers of soil atop limestone and granite. Many of the Hill Country homes, some dating back to frontier days, were built with this limestone. The Texas Hill Country is also home to several native types of vegetation, such as various yucca, prickly pear cactus, juniper scrub, and the dry Southwestern tree know as the Texas Live Oak.  All of these, and others, are found on the farm, including many native species. 

Several cities were settled at the base of the Balcones Escarpment, including Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels and San Antonio in the southeastern part of the Hill Country, while Kerrville, Bandera and Fredericksburg were founded on the Edwards Plateau itself, which is the high terrain of the Texas Hill Country.  Beneath the Edwards Plateau is the source of life for this dry part of the State, and that is the Edwards Aquifer.  Technically, because the water is flowing, it is the largest river in the world which feeds hundreds of springs and rivers for all the inhabitants.

Sunset seen from Zoar Farms -- my backyard!
Atop the Edwards Plateau, equal distance between Fredericksburg to the north, Bandera to the south, Comfort to the east, and Kerrville to the west, is the old train depot which became known as "center point" between these towns.  The town of Center Point, in Kerr County, Texas, was founded on the Guadalupe River in the mid-1850's when a post office was built to service the rail line.

In the midst of drought, the Texas Sage riots color.

Prior to that, however, the town was known as Zanzenberg, a name which reaches back to New Spain.  In the summer of 1695, Captain Zan Zenburg and his pirate crew were caught in a deadly hurricane off the coast of what is now Texas.  Forced to abandon ship, the survivors, including Captain Zenburg, rowed up what is now known as the Guadalupe River.  While most of the possessions were lost at sea, they were able to salvage a few provisions, including two cannons from their ship, the Aurellia.  Enduring hardship while paddling upriver in a failed attempt to find a settlement in New Spain, the cannons were eventually scuttled overboard.  After centuries at the bottom of the Guadalupe River, during the extreme Texas drought in 2011 which brought the river to a low point, the cannons were spotted and retrieved at Mosty (Ranch) Falls near what is today, Center Point.  Before the 1850's brought the railroad depot equal distant between four towns, Center Point was known as Zanzenberg, after the captain who left his treasure there.  It explains why the local high school mascot is the Pirates! 
Ram lamb, from the July 2015 crop



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